“It’s always been hard for me to be honest, especially to people that I care about deeply. Music has been one of the only places that I’ve been able to channel all my true feelings - the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Out of the cracks in the sidewalk, between the blank, identical houses of the Baltimore suburbs, sprung a rose. That rose is Janelle de la Rosa. An old soul that grew thorns from a life riddled with self-doubt, rejection, repression, and heartbreak, she managed to endure some of life’s ugliest storms and ultimately emerge as something colorful, bold and beautiful.


After establishing her roots in local acoustic cover performances, Janelle de la Rosa found her “lane” in the space between R&B and modern pop. She offers a unique blend of the two genres that moves listeners to smile, cry, make love, break up, stick together, or just have fun. Having grown up unable to express herself freely, she developed a wild emotional imagination, a “secret identity” of sorts, and a deep desire to find love, belonging, and certainty. And in that quest, she opens her heart and soul freely to anyone that will listen. 


And people are definitely listening. Through the course of her eight year career in Baltimore, she has appeared on WBAL-TV Baltimore's "Season to Celebrate" show, WMAR’s Midday Maryland local lifestyle show, and written and performed the anthem “Share the Love" for Visit Baltimore’s #MyBmore social media campaign.


While performing throughout her hometown, Janelle de la Rosa is currently self-producing all of her music. In June 2019, she released her debut music video and single “Thinkin' Bout You,” followed shortly by “Make Up Your Mind," "Never Letting Go," "Slide," "Sober," and "What Would You Do." She plans to continue releasing new singles and videos throughout the year. One thing is certain: when she does, the world is sure to notice.